Palestinian Protestor Raids Pro-Israel Event at University of Minnesota

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In a shocking turn of events, a leftist radical protestor raided a Pro-Israel event at the University of Minnesota. The video can be found here:

She refers to a Zionist in her story as a “Cowardly rat” in her fit of blind, smug rage. Citing false narratives such as the “occupation” she goes further into her disinformation. She affirms her previous statement calling the Pro-Israel activist a cowardly rat as well as his father.

This event was for Arab Israelis to voice support for Israel. It is factual that Arab Israeli citizens have equal protection under Israeli law, women have the most rights in the entire Middle East, they have representation in parliament as well as arguably the best quality of life.

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Israel has been steadfast in maintaining the religious liberty of any citizens, including Christians and Muslims. That is why among Israeli Muslims there is such strong support for the State of Israel.

Muslims according to The Free Beacon:

  • This occurred on October 25th, with the video posted on the 26th
  • Her name is Leila Ismar Abdennabi and she was a teacher’s assistant at the university previously.
  • Sinelnikov (founder of the national students supporting Israel) said Abdennabi accused police officers of white supremacy when they arrested her.
  • Avi Shaver (the secretary) claimed “She said she was a former student who studied sociology and social justice [at UM],” said Shaver. “She said she came to the event because she wanted to hear ‘the genocide apologists.’”

In an incredible feat of radicalism, she managed to yell slurs, heckle, get arrested, and blame white supremacy for her arrest instead of her illegal actions. Her past as a sociology TA sets a chilling example for the University of Minnesota’s selection process.

Univerisity of Minnesota
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Accusations of Israeli genocide are empirically false. The Israeli government maintains its commitment to self-defense as well as its use of ethics in war. The Gazan authority which elected Hamas (a terrorist organization with a desire to annihilate Israel and America) routinely kills Israelis. They even started a campaign to “stab Jews” and are unapologetic in their genocidal ambitions. In addition to their suicide bombings, Hamas regularly has engaged rocket launches into civilian areas (considered a war crime), as well as the use of human shields.

This event by SSI was intended to highlight the support of Israel from people who are Israeli and Muslim or Druze. It included 3 speakers from a group called Reservists on Duty.

H/T Turning Point News via Raging Freedom, Free Beacon, YouTube


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