Chelsea Handler and the Left’s Evil Moral Relativism

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On September 21 Trump critic Chelsea Handler tweeted about Kim Jong Un’s letter to President Trump. In this tweet she claimed that the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un (she misspelled it to Kim Jung, intentions are unknown as to why).

There is an enormous amount of things wrong with this tweet. First of all, the ‘oh so sane’ Kim Jong Un killed his brother with a UN banned chemical in a public airport, endangering thousands of people.

He also regularly tortures dissidents, has a knack for using anti-aircraft missiles to kill people he doesn’t like, permits concentration camps, kills the families of those who are treasonous, (even his own). He kidnaps people outside of his country, has a starving populous while he enjoys a billionaire lifestyle, and mandates that his populous worship him.

He threatens nuclear war on western nations, and is quite frankly, evil.

Chelsea tweeted that she would like to trade. That Un is more sane that Trump.

This is what leftists like to engage in: moral relativism. It is the same reason why they think they can call Trump a ‘Nazi’ when that is engaging in a comparison of him to Adolf Hitler’s brutal and racist regime that killed 6 million Jews based purely on their race and another 5 million political dissidents. There is no moral relativism, calling him such an egregious accusation implies they do not understand the level of evil that the Nazis engaged in.

How dare they compare President Trump, a democratically elected leader who has thus far done nothing evil to the tyrannical, genocidal, and racist Nazi regime. It is anti-academic as well as repugnant in nature. It is outside the realms of where political discourse ought to be and reflects poorly upon the individuals spouting such nonsense.

The impact of such egregiously inaccurate comparisons can actually confuse the general public. Chants of “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA” can be heard in nearly every alt-left rally. The first element of that statement is nothing like the second and third. This kind of moral relativism and disinformation is so risky in the pursuit of truth and freedom. These comparisons also belittle the evils of the KKK who are a repulsive racist group that engaged in brutal murders and perpetuated racism for generations. Fascism is synonymous with Nazis who as previously discussed were also wicked. These statements confuse people. Perhaps that is why leftists are saying them.

H/T Turning Point News via Raging Freedom


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