Canada Considers ‘Unwanted Comments or Jokes’ to be Sexual Violence

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Canada Sexual Violence Announcement 

An anonymous source posted this picture to a forum recently. They claimed that the Canadian government affirmed the horrendous statistic that 1/3 women will be sexually assaulted in Canada. They said so with such confidence that it came after the words “We know” meaning it must be factual, right?

Well according to Canada’s SACHA (Sexual Assault Centre) 1/3 women will be victim to some form of sexual violence, 1/6 men will be the victim to some form of sexual violence as well. So this begs the question: why are their rates so high? And if they are so high why are they doing so poorly in prevention of it? Well it is sort of difficult to imagine the number is so low, considering that “unwanted comments or jokes” fall into the category of sexual violence.

Is it not unethical to place rape in the same category as unwanted jokes? One could argue that is immensely offensive to victims of actual rape.

We suspect that the government is engaging in what Raging Freedom calls “adjacent indoctrination”. This essentially means they are putting together a variety of factors to legitimize government involvement so they can slip in liberal “facts” in as a government endorsed side note. It brilliantly suits their agenda. Through this strategy they have announced the creation of a sexual education workshop for rapes [under the guise of sexual violence, since saying rape would be inaccurate] that aren’t happening.

Raging Freedom did further investigation and went to their website. Unable to find any statistics regarding actual rape, we went elsewhere to find the truth. We searched many different government websites and still found that the statistics for real rape cases we basically shown nowhere. They are virtually nowhere to be found. Wikipedia claims that the rape rate in Canada is between 1.4 and 1.7 people per 100,000. Is this the reason why?

Left-wing politics ideologically may not be as brilliant as their tactics are. To expose what is going on here we are going to break down the strategy they are using. First they are shoving a bunch of different acts under the “sexual violence” umbrella. Then they are using the ignorance of the populous to imply it is rape. So by transitive property they have a crisis on their hands that must be dealt with using government resources. By affirming this they create groups that will educate students how to not rape each other and stuff in liberal propaganda as well. This strategy is present in campuses across the United States.

They brilliantly spin these statistics to suit their agenda and then add caveats like “microaggressions are sexual assault“. Now in a government mandated setting, all students will be forced to hear how a microaggression will lead to rape, therefore microaggressions must be stopped. It is all through transitive leaps that this happens. As absurd as this sounds, it is happening all across campuses in America.

Through a very complex sleight of hand, liberal institutions are creating the ground work for liberal indoctrination facilities all across North America. The end result is that men will fear false accusations of sexual assault from women, and women will fear being assaulted by men. This only leads to further division.

Sources: Anonymous, SACHA, Rachel E. Gartner and Paul R. Sterzing, Wikipedia


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