Why ‘AntiFa’ Is Strikingly Similar to the Nazi Party

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Many news outlets are attempting to define AntiFa, but very few are drawing the educated conclusion on what is actually happening. We are witnessing the rise of a Nazi-esque organization dedicated to fighting neo-Nazis.

Say what!? — That doesn’t make any sense.

Bear with me here, there is significant evidence to back this up.

Hitler ran on the National Socialist platform [Nazi comes from Nationalsozialistische]. The economic policies of Hitler are similar what AntiFa advocates for. Don’t believe me? Here is a video with a speech made entirely of Hitler quotes given to AntiFa, watch them cheer:

Now, you may be asking yourself “what about the anti-Semitism from the Nazi party, surely AntiFa at least rejects that!”

Well… Not so much unfortunately.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 9.30.26 AM

This is a picture of an AntiFa member. As you can see, his shirt says “Burn ISRAEL” clearly. Their methodology of hating Israel is very comparable to Hitler’s methodology to hating the Jews.

  • Nazis made the Germans appear to be victims of the Jews
  • AntiFa makes Palestinians appear to be victims of the Jews
  • Nazis decided to utilize this victimization alongside a campaign of misinformation to attack the Jews and burn them alive in gas chambers.
  • AntiFa decided to utilize this victimization alongside a campaign of misinformation to attack Israel and openly advocate to burn them.
  • Nazis used violence to shut down their opposition.
  • AntiFa uses violence to shut down their opposition.

The net result of AntiFa’s policy towards Israel would invariably be another holocaust. This is because the nature of the Israel-Palestine conflict involves Palestinian leadership openly advocating for the mass murder of the Jewish people within the State of Israel.


Hamas does not sugarcoat it in the slightest. They know exactly what they want and they are the governing body of Palestine.

“Free Palestine” in this context can be interpreted as “Final Solution”.

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So to sum up what AntiFa is:

  • It is an anarchist extremist organization which aims to indirectly genocide the 8.547 Million Jews in Israel through a backwards policy of willful ignorance to the Palestinian agenda
  • It has National Socialism as an economic policy
  • It believes in using violence to shut down the political opposition

AntiFa are wolves in sheeps clothing, do not be fooled.


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