College Provides Safe Space for “Fat-Identified LGBTQ Students”

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In an article sent in by Campus Reform directly to Raging Freedom, a new marginalized group has been discovered: Fat-identified LGBTQ students. Yes, you read that correctly.

This is now an identity rather than a status. Students must identify as both fat and LGBTQ to be able to use this safe space. The college states that this safe space is open to all “LGBTQ+ individuals who describe themselves as bigger-bodied, fat-identified, plus-size, chubby, [or] thick” to “discuss issues relevant to the community, examine intersections of identity, and discuss experiences.”

This type of thought is truly antithetical to academia in nature. If someone is 30 pounds underweight and is still “fat-identified” are they then able to utilize this area? More importantly one must be both LGBTQ and fat if they would like to use it.

This space essentially makes being fat a state of mind. Using the word “Fat-identified” inherently makes it an uncontrollable identity similar to being LGBTQ. Virtue signals are innately a form of political bias and should be called out as such. This is a virtue signal since they are using a rule decided on the assumption that fat is an identity rather than a status. This essentially means that a morbidly obese human being is not fat if he/she says they aren’t “fat-identified”.

Exclusion of people based on the quantity of exercise and food they eat on a daily basis is completely unprecedented and unheard of in an academic institution. What is next? Will there be a safe space for people who watch too much television and are “lazy-identified”?

Source: Campus Reform


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