Twitter User Falsely Accuses UVa College Republicans of Racism

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The @YesYoureRacist twitter account falsely accused UVa College Republicans of having white supremacists among them.

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The Raging Freedom reached out to UVa College Republicans and their chapter collectively had this to say:

As the College Republicans at the University of Virginia, we were dismayed to discover a picture of our members along with a caption insinuating that our members were active participants at the “Unite The Right” rally this past weekend on Twitter. This unfounded and slanderous claim was posted on Twitter by someone with the account “@YesYoureRacist”. The false statement presented by this account couldn’t be further from the truth. On August 11, 2017, we issued a statement condemning the rally and the hateful ideology that the participants espouse. To the best of our knowledge, none of our members attended and if we discover that they did participate, they will no longer be welcome in our organization.

The fact that this account would attempt to portray us as racists and terrorists is extremely upsetting. A number of our members reached out and asked if they should be afraid. This is not acceptable. Although the message received around 5,000 retweets and 10,000 likes, we are very grateful for the support we received. We encouraged our members and others in the community to report the tweet for the falsehood that it was. We are especially grateful to organizations that supported us in helping to trying to get that tweet removed, especially the University Democrats at UVa. We are so extremely grateful for the assistance we received from the community in getting this untrue message removed, and as an organization, hope we as a society can return to peaceful, fact-driven political discourse. 

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