Scholarship Program Appears to Have a Left Leaning Bias

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A company which purports to match students and aspiring students with free money for college — while also offering helpful tips on how to fit in on campus — has been busted slyly pushing a partisan, left-wing agenda on impressionable young people. The following information was exclusively provided to Turning Point News by a concerned student, who is the recipient of an email newsletter the company sent out on the afternoon of Aug. 10.

This article is courtesy of Turning Point News.

An article was published on the company’s site about 5 college groups to avoid due to their “controversial” nature. All 5 include moderate to far-right conservative groups — conveniently omitting the corresponding far-left groups such as Antifa. According the New Jersey’s DHS, “Antifa” which is short for anti-fascist is classified as a anarchist extremist organization. They are a far-left group prevalent on college campuses and as such certainly should have made this list.

The “far-right” groups have participated in edgy activities, but none too severe. No overt racism and no violent demonstrations.

One created a diversity bake sale in which prices were lowered for the groups perceived as marginalized to make a statement about affirmative action. This was lambasted by this scholarship site as “incredibly racist”. Objectively speaking this was trying to prove a point that it is wrong to discriminate based on race, which ideologically is the opposite of racism.

According to The Dallas Morning News, the organizer involved claimed “It is insane that institutional racism, such as affirmative action, continues to allow for universities to judge me by the color of my skin rather than my actions.”

One group listed did fit the criteria of potentially becoming extreme, though it never became an actual group, so it appears to be agenda driven to report as if it did. A group of white students wanted to form a union to protest against certain discriminatory measures at their university. This is in direct correspondence to a black student union that exists at the school.

The issue with this biased report is that it does not include certain groups which promote violence based on political ideology. They also did not include communist groups, violent far-left groups, or other groups designed to shut down free speech. Extremism was only “controversial” if it came from the right (or groups of people that predominantly will be right-wing).

Sources: Kip Jones, Turning Point News, The Dallas Morning News

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