Minnesota State Chair of College Republicans Received Death Threats, Harassed

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The following incidents are a compilation of direct witness testimony alleged by the State Chair of Minnesota College Republicans. Other sources claim to confirm this and are cited accordingly.

Since the fall 2016 election, the political climate has changed immensely on college campuses around the nation, but Minnesota is making headlines with three recent ugly attacks on conservative students. Madison Faupel shared her story and how life changed after the 2016 fall elections.

This year a College Republican student member was attacked and assaulted for wearing a “Make American Great Again” hat on campus at a Minnesota University. Similarly, during a university-wide protest at another Minnesota College to draw attention to the Black Lives Matter movement, a threatening note was placed on a student of color’s car [Raging Freedom did further research and found it to likely be a hoax]. This caused a major incident with the school. Madison claims that a College Republican member came to stand in support and solidarity with their fellow student, but was told to leave because they were a “conservative.” It is unknown what happened after this or what came to the student who tried to stand with their fellow students. All we know is that no physical threat was wished upon the College Republican member for not leaving the protest.

Now let’s fast forward to Madison Faupel’s story. Faupel represents Minnesota College Republicans at the national convention and runs the campus chapter. Faupel starts her interview telling us that she received hundreds of death threats [confirmed using this source] during the election season and feels the school allowed the behavior directed towards conservative students on campus, and College Republican members. Faupel claims she reached out to her school to for protection from the students and professors and has told us little was done to help her.

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During campaign season, Faupel placed pro-College Republican posters on a campus bridge that students can put flyers on. In addition to the club message, she posted two pro-Trump posters including “Trump Pence 2016” and “Build the Wall.” Before the posters were fully dried, she claims they were vandalized by fellow students. These posters instantly sparked protests at her campus in Minnesota and the liberal student base responded with chants and marches, along with BLM rallies.

She claims the death threats started once people associated Faupel as the leader of her campuses College Republicans organization. As the death threats continued to roll in via messages, in person, notes, and on social media, Faupel told us she feared for her safety. She filed dozens of police reports and fled to her parent’s home. Social media only worsened the attacks.


In response to the relentless verbal attacks, including death threats, the school organized student ‘conversation’ meant to be an open mic discussion in a conference room. Faupel said it ended as badly as you can think. “Within five minutes of the ‘conversation’, the BLM stormed in and took over the stage and microphone.” This went on for hours Faupel recalls. There was no debate, no representation willing to step forward besides Faupel. “At one point, someone calls out asking if anyone from College Republicans is even here so I stood up. They asked if I was Madison Faupel. I answered yes and was immediately booed and surrounded her.” The school’s student government was running the ‘conversation’ and just let it happen. There was no controlling this mob attack. Luckily a news anchor covering the ‘conversation’ grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the swarm of students, which had morphed to become a rally for BLM.

What Faupel wished to come from this assembly was to have a civil conversation to try to come to an even ground – a mutual respect for differencing political opinions. From the looks of it, neither the school (who failed to stop or intervene for Faupel safety), the other clubs, or the protesters cared to gain a mutual understanding.

Authored by Madison Fagnani

Sources: Madison Faupel, Twin Cities News, Campus Reform, MPR News


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