Horrendous Anti-Conservative Abuse is Happening Across America

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Since the beginning of The Raging Freedom, we have received reports of professors giving lower grades to conservatives, liberals harassing republicans to such a vast degree that death threats were sent out, students being kicked out of dorms for defying the leftist push to take down their Reagan posters, women being beaten brutally for voting Trump, and veterans being removed from bars for tattoos that remember their fallen brothers.

There is a word for this behavior: subversion. There is pockets of subversive leftist individuals who will go the extra mile to attack individuals. They do things that simply put abuse the system.

A professor must not down-grade individuals for their political views. The reason why this is the case is quite obvious, but the implications for failure to meet this is far beyond just a smaller grade for one student. The consequences are very similar to totalitarian regimes in a case like this. If you do not know who might be the one that will take action against you for what you say, you don’t say anything. Witch hunts happen when you empower the individual to a system that can single out an individual and enact consequences without evidence. History shows this through the Salem witch trials where individuals were accused of witch craft for motives other than the allegation and sentenced to death. It is also shown again when McCarthyism reigned in America. This system is present on campuses all across the country.

Bold claim, right? Not really. In theory the universities have protections that have worked for generations. What has changed? People weren’t trying to subvert others based on political views until a few years ago. The moment the left consolidated enough power and brilliantly coined the term “hate-speech” to define anyone on the right-wing, they open the pandora’s box that is a witch hunt. I will come back to this in a moment.

Napoleon won his battles because he always went in with more men. This principle holds true today. Social justice groups are immensely self-righteous. Heck, its even in their name. Social justice implies that their ideology is superior based on them claiming they are just — and implying others are not just. They are also very large in size on most campuses and are more than willing to sit in a room and make as much noise as possible to shut down conservative events. Debates, showcases, and speeches are threatening to some of these brigades.

Raging Freedom condemns any form of actual bona-fide hatred. We are smart enough (along with a majority of America) to know what that is as it is common sense. Moving forward we will hop back to the claim that a witch hunt is happening on campuses. All it takes is one bad article to ruin someone’s life. Calling a college student that is $40,000 in debt and can’t afford a lawyer ‘racist’ can ruin their job prospects. It is for these reasons that risking it isn’t going to happen. Social justice groups are not afraid to use this word — even unfoundedly against republicans. This is terrifying to many students who want to be politically active, but can’t afford the risk.

The Chair of Minnesota College Republicans said in an interview Raging Freedom held that she was swarmed by activists, some chanting ‘why are you a racist?’, and ‘why do you want to hurt us?’ solely on the basis that she was a College Republican. Later she was victim to horrendous harassment and threats — they even harassed her family.

Make no mistake, this strategy of accuse first and retract later is a witch hunt against conservatives. The only way for a witch hunt to end is through federal action. This action could only come from one place since the rest of America is too politically correct to stop it: The Executive Branch.

Endemic problems rear their head in academia last. This is because common sense prevails in areas of high intellect. This wave of political correctness began in the media, festered across the country, manifested itself in our laws, and ended in academia. Academia fell to social pressures, but the academic’s minds haven’t changed. There is a reason why the ballot box allows you to vote anonymously: it enables you to speak without fear of any retribution. The moment anti-conservative bias began was the moment the left sealed their electoral fate. God bless America for being a free country.


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