College Leftists are using Micro-Aggressions to Legitimize Their Actions

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Of the most pungent power reaches from the left-wing, the micro-aggression takes the cake for the most dangerous grab for dominance thus far. It is the main tool in offense culture. It is a tool that if used can prove catastrophically dangerous to conservatives. Phrases like “happy holidays”, “you look pretty today”, “what are you doing over break”,  or other every day small talk are now aggressions.

See what these micro-aggressions imply is that they accumulate and can suddenly “trigger” someone. This entails them having an emotional breakdown in response to a micro-aggression. In this breakdown, anything can happen (including violence). The left-wing uses micro-aggressions as if it is akin to attacking someone, and so therefore any response is in self-defense. A brilliant tool for intimidation of conservatives. Not only are they the bad guy for being conservatives, they are personally attacking you and they have an excuse for use of violence. It is a way of liberal cultural dominance as well as speech control.

Micro-aggressions fall under a series of words I call “action-words” (examples include “I feel personally victimized, “that offends me”, and “I am triggered”). These are phrases used to frame a situation as a leftist being victim to some form of crime so that defense is legitimized. It is a powerful tool in the “victimized bullying culture”. The trick is simple: make the opponent the bully so that your friends defend you and leave the bully. This has a downside — it will inevitably lead to the breakdown of leftist culture as good and bad people will become confused as to who is good or bad. Extremism will consume its own.

Moving back to micro-aggressions it is important to understand the tools you have at your disposal if you want to fight back. Here is a way to win no matter what (use only if the person truly is dumb). Other tips:

  • Always assert your right to free speech.
  • Never get serious
  • If they understand that you won’t budge, intimidation is pointless.
  • Whenever someone mentions “micro-aggression” laugh at them.

If you follow these steps they will not be able to do anything to you. The moment you are serious you’ve given them too much legitimacy. They are manipulating you with micro-aggression culture to begin with so they have already played dirty. Do not give respect to people who play dirty. We need to take culture back from the leftists. We have become too politically correct, and “that offends me”.




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