Student Kicked Out of Dorms for Reagan Poster

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At an unnamed university, a student has claimed that when he was a freshman, his RA told him to take down a President Reagan poster that was on his wall.

  • This student read the rules to the RA which stated that he could “hang any poster or photograph painting what have you as long as it is not derogatory”.
  • The RA took him to the housing advisor.
  • After this happened, the student claims he sat down for a meeting with the housing advisor.
  • Upon the end of this meeting, he claims that he was referred to a student council after refusing to take down the Reagan poster.
  • The student claimed that the council then ordered that he be removed from the dorms.

These types of incidents are generally swept under the rug. Since universities have full discretion over who gets to live in their dorms, it can create an immensely hostile environment when a leftist abuses their power.

Some schools will leave their rules for removal ambiguous. These rules never needed to change for the longest duration because everyone had a certain degree of common sense when applying them. The problem comes when there is a malicious agenda behind these rules. If given ambiguous rules combined with left-wing judges on a political issue, the perfect recipe for an anti-conservative bias incident can be formed. This is a symptom of a much greater problem.

The result of threatening this student to take down his Reagan poster is that he would then be afraid to express his conservative ideals. Many less opinionated conservatives would simply take the poster down and whisper their views. The consequences of these incidents are dire for freedom and liberty.

Raging Freedom suspects that the student did not want to be in the media for fear of harm to his job prospects.

Too many hard science major students do not want to risk their reputation so these testimonies fall under the rug until the universities pulls this on the wrong student.

Raging Freedom exists so that these students can anonymously report these acts without repercussion so that we can show the problem actually exists, and there is some semblance of awareness that such ridiculousness is actually happening.

Disclaimer: Due to the sensitive nature of the content and fear of repercussions, students fear reporting the name of their university for fear of intimidation. It is for this reason that this stories cannot be verified for validity, and we urge people to understand this is what students are reporting. We cannot confirm that all are stories are true, but we can confirm that these were reported. Universities have been censored for name due to the unconfirmed nature of the accusations.

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