Student Allegedly Told by Professor ‘We don’t want to hear from or have any sources from white males’

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Disclaimer: Due to the sensitive nature of the content and fear of repercussions, students fear reporting the name of their university for fear of intimidation. It is for this reason that certain stories cannot be verified for validity, and we urge people to understand this is what students are reporting. We cannot confirm that all are true, but we can confirm that these were reported. Universities have been censored for name due to the unconfirmed nature of the accusations.

Raging Freedom converted this direct testimony into article format to protect the source. Some bits of it are direct quotes and others are edited by the Raging Freedom editorial board.

The alleged origin of this testimony comes from an unnamed university in the State of California.

The student claims that in this liberal writing class he took there was no focus on mechanics, grammar, rhetorical skills, critical thinking, argumentative strategies.

Topics often required were essays on liberal topics such as “police brutality, abortion, death penalty, assisted suicide, gay rights, and global warming”.

The student claimed that any conservative stance on these issues will result in at least one letter grade lower on a paper. This student claims he empirically tested this out.

He claimed he would experiment with the liberal side of the argument for comparison, and each time he received a better grade throughout the duration of his university education.

The student claimed that in a 400 level english class a teacher stated ‘We don’t want to hear from or have any sources from white males.’

The student who was both white and male “saw no outrage amongst the students”. Naturally irritated, the student said “So why don’t we want to hear from or have any sources from white males? Why is it that you said white males and not black females. Do you see that what you said was racist and sexist. You want to be so politically correct but now your excluding a group based on race and sex. If you want to be so PC why didn’t you say I want sources from a variety of backgrounds. Why are you only excluding sources from white males?”

She turned a pale white and said that they have heard enough from them already since white males have dominated the institutions and society. She agreed she should have worded it differently.

The student responded and said he will include any source that fits his paper if it is a white male or not and will report it to the dean if he is marked down.

The room was left stunned and in shock as the student sat down.

Raging Freedom classifies this as the highest tier of anti-conservative bias incident, as well as condemns any hatred or bigotry against any group based on skin color or gender.

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Source: Anonymous student


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