Student Is Given Mandatory Lecture By Gender Studies Major

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Disclaimer: Due to the sensitive nature of the content and fear of repercussions, students fear reporting the name of their university for fear of intimidation. It is for this reason that certain stories cannot be verified for validity, and we urge people to understand this is what students are reporting. We cannot confirm that all are true, but we can confirm that these were reported. Universities have been censored for name due to the unconfirmed nature of the accusations.

Reported testimony:

I go to [a university] in NY. This story occurred during Fall 2016, when I was a first semester freshman.

In my school’s mandatory freshman seminar, we were required to attend three events, each of different type. Throughout the semester they warned us not to wait until the last minute to attend these events because it’d inevitably start getting busier and busier; you’ll see why I bring this fact up.

I decided to wait until the last event, totally ignoring their advice. Who cares about these stupid events? I’m here to get my degree in CS, not gender studies or whatever. So that’s what happens. The most crowded event was this lecture by a gender studies major from [a university].

What I experienced here was probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever listened to. She was going on about how, after Trump won, white supremacists across the country started running around in droves beating up minorities. She was saying how white people dressing up in Native American costumes was akin to hate crimes, equating all Trump supporters as white supremacists, and how we need to stand vigilantly in an evil new era of Trump.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I just left early. Good thing I did; they didn’t even keep track of attendance.

This is a direct testimony from an anonymous student.

This university allegedly mandated students hear a testimony from a clear partisan voice.


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