Student Humiliated in Front of Class for Conservative Report

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Disclaimer: Due to the sensitive nature of the content and fear of repercussions, students fear reporting the name of their university for fear of intimidation. It is for this reason that certain stories cannot be verified for validity, and we urge people to understand this is what students are reporting. We cannot confirm that all are true, but we can confirm that these were reported. Universities have been censored for name due to the unconfirmed nature of the accusations.

The testimony of this student is recorded here:

I go to school in New Hampshire. Naturally there is a noticeable feminist slant to most of the GE courses. Anyway, for one of my English classes last year, we were assigned a presentation on any topic we wished, as long as the topic was controversial. I had prepared for months and anticipated any questions that would be hurled my way.

I chose what could be done to fix the immigration system. I proposed what I thought was a moderate position that compromised between deporting them all and full citizenship. I boiled it down to this: anyone convicted of any misdemeanor or felony was deported immediately. The rest were given 6 months to apply for an alien worker permit so that their earnings would be taxed. Anyone who truly wanted to work and better their lives would apply. The rest would be free loaders. After the 6 months, anyone without a permit would be deported, no questions asked.

I presented this at a symposium attended by students and faculty. One professor who taught what was essentially a mandatory gender studies course asked me a question. He asked if I would deport the parents of children if they were illegal immigrants. I said yes, if they did not have a work permit. He asked me how I could break up families. I told him that if the parents truly wanted to better themselves then they would not be breaking the laws of a country they do not live in.

He said, and I quote, “You’re a monster.” I don’t really care because I don’t make decisions based on emotion like that professor but imagine if I had said that to him.

This student alleges that a professor used his position of authority to insult he/she in front of a large audience of people. Given the academic nature of this, it stands to reason it could have impacted other conservative students confidence that they could argue their opinions.


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