College Student Threatened With Arrest And Expulsion for Handing out U.S. Constitution on Public Grounds #EndTheBias

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Last year a college student named Tim Mckeeby at GVSU was threatened with arrest and expulsion for handing out the U.S. constitution on public grounds. He is also the second vice-chair of Michigan Federation College Republicans. He runs a TP USA chapter and is active in YAF as well.

He feels the campus climate against conservatives has become increasingly worse. He claimed the administration has tried to shut them down multiple times.

The most extreme attempt is listed in this article, but the full story can be heard in the video testimony.

Tim planned to hand out pamphlets of the constitution in front of the administration building (which is public grounds).

The administration called the police instantly and without warning. According to Tim, they have footage of the GVSU police threatening his conservative student group with expulsion and arrest.

He sued the university in federal court and won before the case went to court. The university agreed to change their speech zone policies and paid for all the affected student’s legal fees.

The full interview can be found here:


The Raging Freedom considers this action from GVSU an act against conservatives since they have been reported as disproportionate compared to the left-wing. In addition, this is a civil rights violation as it falls under the grounds of violation of the first amendment.

For every incident like this there are many that are simply pushed under the rug. Many conservatives do not know how to find these resources or do not want to deal with the consequences so they simply remain silent.

This is why The Raging Freedom has anonymous contact options at which students can specify which information they would like to be reported.

Contact us here if you have been victim to any anti-conservative bias incidents.


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