Woman Brutally Beaten for Simply Admitting to Being Trump Supporter

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Raging Freedom’s CEO reached out to Trump supporter Bree Nece personally for an interview.

Nece claims she was brutally beaten by two men after speaking to a woman who asked her who she voted for.

“We are currently waiting on the DA to answer back. In the mean time we are working with business owners in the area to retrieve video of the incident” Bree stated.

Her and her sister were walking home from a restaurant when she met a new “friend”. This individual said during a casual conversation “I hope you aren’t a Trump supporter” and she replied that she had voted for him.

At this point the woman screamed “Racist” at the top of her lungs and proceeded to call 2 men over to her. Her henchmen brutally knocked her to the ground and punched her in the face.

They then got up and were distracted for a second, and then proceeded to kick Bree.

Bree claims this was simply because she stated “I voted for Trump”.

There were 3 witnesses who saw the incident take place.

Police arrested both men involved with the incident.

She seeks to prosecute the men for their egregious actions against her.

Further updates will be given soon. Raging Freedom is here to report what the MSM won’t — Anti conservative bias incidents are happening all across the country and it is Raging Freedom’s solemn goal to give these individuals a voice.

We can only have faith in the criminal justice system that these two sickening “men” will be brought to justice.

Sources: Bree Nece



  1. shouldn’t the women, that yelled out racist, that incited the violence go to jail as well? this women that was brutally beaten deserve complete justice not gender bias justice.

    1. I am glad you asked. We interviewed a woman briefly a few days ago and told her she could submit a written update as the case proceeds. Seattle is the location this took place, after a concert she went to. In the next few days we will release a report with far more details. If you know of any anti-conservative bias incidents, feel free to report it at any time.

  2. If you were to go to FOX NEWS and tell them your story, Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity, I feel confident they would do an interview with you. DON’T GIVE UP!!!

    1. She has reached out to Fox News, but we need to publicize this more to get her the attention she deserves. Share it with all of your friends if you really want to help. We all need to do our part. Raging Freedom is designed for this very reason — to defend the right to be right.

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