The Day Wolverines Wore Red

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It was 3 A.M. and the last few polls were coming in. The election was a complete upset to everyone who wasn’t a member of the subreddit /r/The_Donald. They, of course knew that the silent majority existed, because that is who they were. The silent majority.

Afraid to speak their mind publicly they conglomerated anonymously on what has become one of the largest subreddits in existence. It is now known as the eternal Trump rally. At around 3:30 a.m., it was official, Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States. I lost a friend that day because I told her I voted for him. I guess the joke is on her, because her candidate lost to mine. It really did disturb me though, people were willing to unfriend me just for liking a Republican candidate. No wonder the silent majority was silent! It is generally a safer strategy to be quiet about politics and have more friends than be loud and lose them.

I personally have never met a conservative who unfriended a liberal based solely on their political views. Unfortunately, I have been unfriended by many liberals based on the fact that I was conservative. I must add that on election day I was exceptionally excited to vote. So much so that I woke up extra early because I wanted to guarantee my voice was heard. All of the anti-conservative bias I had seen. All of the hatred from the left. All of the violence. All of the friends I lost because they didn’t care for someone who was right of center. All of it was channeled into the bubble I circled. Donald J. Trump.

I figured if I was willing to miss class and drive 45 minutes to the voting district, other Trump supporters would follow suit. I was not mistaken. Michigan went to Trump and finally social justice was served.


My Republican friend sent me a text the next morning. He told me to wear red, and that the other Republicans were doing it. That day, I walked across campus and I could see tears on the eyes of many people. I stared into their tear filled eyes as I crossed the center plaza on campus and thought to myself “this is what true indoctrination looks like, they are so ignorant that they truly believe Trump is the devil”. I walked by with my red shirt on and jolly smile on my face knowing at this point debate was over and we had won.

I walked by looking around at the fellow individuals wearing red and I knew times were finally going to change. This was the cultural turning point. No longer would protests and shutdown tactics work. Conservatives had finally consolidated against political correctness. It was a brief moment of unity. It was at this moment that ‘political correctness’ was issued its diagnosis, and fortunately for America it was terminal. The campus climate has significantly changed since then, especially now that we know the president will condemn violence against conservatives. Should political correctness continue to rear its ugly head, the left should know that democracy will crush it with even greater landslide elections (in our favor).

Conservatives need to understand that even at one of the most liberal campuses in America, with social justice brigades walking through the halls of dorms, there were red shirted patriots standing up for liberty and our constitution. Consolidation, solidarity, and unity will be needed to stand up for our rights to free speech. That beautiful day was the beginning of this movement. The Raging Freedom Movement.


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